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Heal fitness Instructors are all certified fitness professionals with a deep passion for helping people to get fit and healthy. All Heal Fitness instructors take pride in making your workout experience one of a kind. We make your fitness goals our fitness goals!! When you enter Heal Fitness Studio, you'll be greeted by a friendly face ready to motivate you, challenge you, and most of all, to make sure you have fun in class!! All Heal Fitness instructors are available to assist you in every aspect of your workout program.
Heal fitness instructor personal and friendly approach always ensures you'll receive individualized attention and a customized group fitness routine. You will only find this type of service in a group fitness setting, at Heal Fitness Studio!!

Dr. Sohan Singh: As physiotherapist guides our staff about the importance of fitness assessment as well as the correct way of postures and position while workouts. Each members undergoes fitness test and according to the fitness reports of individuals given by Dr. Sohan Singh members are provided the workout chart.
Hamsini: B.Com. Graduated, from University of Mysore, is part of Heal Fitness Zone as backbone support to our Studio as well as our Lady trainer, She takes care of Management, Aerobic classes, personal training and marketing.
Namratha: Done her M.Sc. in Food and nutrition from University of Mysore and pursuing her Ph.D. in the same field, is with us as a Dietician and guides members on their diet and fitness goals according to their life style and requirement.
Lakshmi Sagar: B. Law graduated, having great passion in fitness and body building, who has attended many fitness courses and is part of Heal Fitness Zone as a senior trainer takes care of service and training, personal training, sales and marketing and designs workout plans as per fitness reports and guidelines of fitness expert.
Mehdi F.P. : Basically an architecture research scholar, who is passionate about fitness and body building, with over ten years of experience, is a part of Heal Fitness Zone as a senior trainer and martial art instructor, takes care of service and training, floor management, personal training and marketing.
Vishnu, Sunil, Shivu Kumar and Chethan are all gratuated fitness trainers who work from their heart under the guidelines of Lakshmi Sagar and Mehdi.
We are the ONLY Fitness Studio in our area that concentrates solely on group fitness classes!! So what's stopping you?...Come join us, and put the "fun" back to your fitness routine!!

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